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This part of the site is under constant development until the date of the exhibition in 2025.

In our pre-selection, we focus primarily on the history of this art movement, the quality of the subject matter and the technique, and have thus rejected any form of secondary artistic approach that might lead to confusion.

The established hyperrealism movement remains a purely pictorial movement regardless of the medium. The artists we represent in this project will be in their quasi majority linked to the mastery of these three main keys: the drawing, the brush and the pigment.

While it is undeniable that almost all of the artists represented are intrinsically linked to the fundamentals of hyperrealism in the totality of their work, others have expressed themselves partially in one or other of their works. This personal choice of the artist will not in any way prevent the presentation in our project of any of their works that fall within the hyperrealist artistic movement.

It is also worth noting that even if the mineral and/or vegetable tools and pigments used for thousands of years are still used in hyperrealism, it is clear that an « Ersatz » is developing – on the fringes of this artistic movement at the beginning of the 21st century – which is essentially based on the use and development of computers.

It seems too early to us – with very few exceptions – to include in a permanent way in the retrospective of the hyperrealist movement this new technique where the sable brush is now called Hardware and where dematerialised natural pigments are called Software. This is why, in the project of our retrospective during the year 2025, we will leave only a tiny place for this nascent evolution that we could call Bytesrealism. We will thus leave time to look back on this transformation which, in our eyes, is too close to generative art, but which will perhaps invite us, in later exhibitions, to reconsider the importance or otherwise of this hypothetical transmutation in the hyperrealist movement.

Jacques RAYMOND – Project designer / Curator

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