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Cultural events

© Chuck Close, Self-Portrait III, 2012,
    oil on canvas, 91.4 x 76.2 cm

This website is intended to present our exhibition project, which will be devoted to Hyperrealism, its history from its appearance to the present day. With your help, we want to show the prodigious visual richness generated by the « photorealist » movement.

We are happy to curate this ambitious project: to reveal to the general public the importance of a pictorial movement that is still too often underestimated. We are therefore preparing the master plan with the list of the works we have in mind.

We are therefore asking you, Museums, Foundations, Galleries, Artists, Collectors, for an agreement in principle: first of all for the reproduction of works on our website which is currently under construction and then, at a later stage when the exhibition venue is defined with certainty, for the voluntary loan of works that we would like to select with you (the formalities for the material conditions of the exhibition will be sent to you later).

You will find continuous updates on this site about the practical information of the project, which should take place in 2025. We look forward to hearing from you, and will of course deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

Welcome to this adventure, which will also become yours !


Project designer : Jacques RAYMOND