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« A team is a group of professionals, brought together to work on a common project. But it is not enough to bring together a few people to form an effective team. The members of the group must share ideas and values that create a bond between them ».

It is this positive mutual trust, coupled with the same passion for art, that ultimately brings the necessary serenity to the realisation of this vast cultural project.


In our team, all the people are art professionals, independent and responsible for their own projects and interests but also ready to participate in the adventure of Hyperrealism by bringing their ideas, their specificities and their know-how to the future exhibition place in 2024 which will most probably be in Europe.




Our team


Chairman and Founder HYP'ART SAS
General Management / Commissariat

YESTERDAY (1970 – 2001 / Germany) :
Exhibition curator; Gallery & Art Print Workshop; Art Publishing; Art Designer

TODAY and TOMORROW (2002 – 2024 / France) :
Bibliophile publishing of artists' books, catalogues raisonnés, portfolios, prints, sculptures and art objects, (2002 – 2020)
Creation of the company « HYP'ART sas – Événementiel culturel « , (2021)
Implementation of the retrospective project of the « Hyperrealist Movement from 1965 to nowadays , (2021-2024)


Operational director on assignment

Independent entrepreneurial consultant

Graduate of the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (D.N.S.E.P.) / National Diploma of Plastic Art (DNAP) / Sculpture prize, Salon d'Hiver, Hivernal de Lyon (France) / International Grand Prix of Plastic Arts, Akashi (Japan) / Medal winner by the Académie Arts Sciences & Lettres / Participation in the 9th documenta, Kassel (Germany) / Artistic director in a communications agency / Operational director of Salon HYP'ART, Nice, 2025

Christian ARTHAUD

Art critic and analyst

Art and literature critic

Flowers! Ten contemporary artists challenge the cliché (Musée de Salagon, 2022), Surrealism and literature (Aix-en-Provence, 2021), Eloge de la fabrique : Picasso and the Contemporaries (Vence, 2018), The Artists of the Chauvet Cave (Privas, 2014), Art and the Stage (Aix-en-Provence and La Coruña, 1998), Picabia and the Côte d'Azur (Nice and Gijon, 1991), Matisse: The Art of the Book (Nice, 1986), among others.


President La Réserve GdC / Art historian-preventist

La Réserve – Gestion de Collections, offers various services, adapted to the event.

Marion Ménardy: Master's degree in art history, specializing in preventive conservation of heritage, Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. Third year of undergraduate studies at the École du Louvre (specializing in the history of sculpture and the history of Far Eastern art). 


References (Selections) :
Louvre Museum, Sculpture Department, (Paris) Fondation Aimé et Marguerite Maeght (Saint-Paul de Vence), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art MAMAC (Nice) , Museum of Fine Arts (Menton), Château Musée (Cagnes-sur-Mer), International Contemporary Art Fair (Paris), 

Website :


General Manager La Réserve GdC / Curator-restorer

La Réserve – Gestion de Collections, offers various services, adapted to events.

Florence FEUARDENT: graduated in conservation-restoration of painted works from ENSAA in 2003, training accredited by the museum (one of the four training courses accredited by the State allowing access to public heritage works).

References (Selections) :
Stedelijk Teceluk Museum (Amsterdam), Musée National Marc Chagall (Nice), Musée matisse (Nice), Nouveau Musée National NMNM de Monaco, Musée National du sport, Musée d'art moderne et Contemporain MAMAC (Nice), Fondation Hartung-Bergman, Musée National Fernand Léger (Biot), Collection Lambert, Fondation Aimé et Marguerite Maeght (Saint-Paul de Vence)

Website :

Olivier REYBOZ

Specialist in signage for 25 years

Stamp Publicité designs, manufactures and installs all types of indoor and outdoor signage.

References (Selection) :

Ceiling (Created by Bernard VENET) of the Grande Galerie  » Cours des Comptes « , (Paris 1er ) ; Carlton Hotel, Illuminated sign (Cannes) ; Ferrari Show-Room (Cannes) ; Albert Camus Exhibition, Central Alley of the Municipal Library (Nice) ; Giacometti « Anamorphosis » Exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco ; Gilbert & Georges  » Images d'utopie », Fernand Léger Museum (Biot)


Other contacts being updated

Hyperrealisme,Hypart Evenementiel Culturel, Hypart, Glenn Semple,Jason de Graaf,Paul Beliveau,Roger Watt,Allan Gormann,Armin  Mersmann,Carole Feuermann,Bert Monroy,Charles Bell,Chuck Close,Don Eddy,Dan Witz,Don Jacot,Duane Hanson,Harold Zabady,James Van Patten,John Baeder,John Kacere,Marc Sijan,Max Fergusson,Ralf Goings,Richard Estes,Robert Bechtle,Robert Cottingham,Robert Neffson,Ron Penner,Ron Kleeman,Ronald Bowen,Steve Mills,Steven Kozar,Tom Blackwell,Zaria Forman,Gerhardt Richter,Mike Dargas,Peter Handel,Philippe Weber,Andrew Holmes,Clive Head,Cynthia Poole,Don Jacot,Duane Hanson,Jamie Salmon,John Salt,Kyle Lambert,Michael GaskelL,Michael Lambert,Nathan Walsh,Paul Cadden,Paul Roberts,Philiip Munoz,Raphaela Spence, Roger Watt,Simon Henessey,Gottfried Helnwein,Jacques Verdruyn,Antonio Castello Avilleira,Bernardo Torrens,Cesar Santander,Daniel Cuervo, Eloy Morales,Jaime Valero,Javier Arizabalo,Javier Banegas,Marc Figueras, Pedro Campos,Anne-Christine Roda,Bertrand Meniel,Gilles Paul Esnault,Jacques Bodin,Jean Olivier Hucleux,Patrick Fleurion,Diego Fazio  KoI,Emanuele Dascanio,Francesco Capello,Francesco Stile,Franco Clun,Luciano Ventrone,Luigi Benedicenti,Roberto Bernardi,Ray Barkus,Zarko Baschesky,Alexandra Klimas,Tjalf Sparnaay, Johannes Wessmark,Linnea Strid,Franz Gertsch,Edward Hopper, Korman Norwell,